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hawkeye7708 10-12-2015 3:00 PM

So…. Massi is good wakeboarding
Video speaks for itself… wowza! Super stylish! Loved it!

… and how about those close calls at the end??


PureWakesurfing1 10-12-2015 9:15 PM

Kept getting better and better. Nice edit!

jarrod 10-13-2015 8:47 AM

Amazing rider. Huge bag of tricks. Tons of style. Looks like he's trying to get the frontside 3 rewind to back 5! He's almost there.

andy_nintzel 10-13-2015 1:10 PM

Talk about line tension control!

santa 10-15-2015 9:59 PM

Definitely ground braking material here. Amazing rider!

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