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gpd005 07-30-2013 8:41 AM

1st timer at Wake Nation in Cincy, Oh
We went over to the Wake Nationals on Saturday and watched them ride in the rain for awhile, then decided we would check out Wake Nation a cable park in Cincy. It's about an hour and a half drive from my house and i had the wife with me (keep in mind she is five months prego with our first). She didn't realize that i had accidently dropped my jacket, boards, and helmet in the trunk of the car when we left that morning. So after getting to the cable park and looking at it and seeing there wasn't a huge crowd at the time i figured I would give it a shot. I am a much better kneeboarder than a wakeboarder (go ahead flame away i know) so i just grabbed my knee board and went out to ride. The people there were super nice and very helpful. I'm no spring chicken and i was the only guy there on a kneeboard, so this stuff seemed a little crazy to me but by the end of the day i was hitting almost all of the rails and finally nutted up and hit one of the big kicker ramps. I would much rather be on the lake but this was still a really good time and something different. So for anyone who hasn't given it a shot i'd say go for it. The people at Wake Nation were awesome and i learned a lot just from watching other guys ride. Just thought i'd share with everyone. It's nice to read something positive every now and then.

jessemitchell 07-30-2013 9:25 AM

Im headed out there tomorrow from Chicago pretty pumped! I left my board in minnesota though does anyone know how their rental boards are?

Fiveflat 07-30-2013 12:49 PM

I took my son there Friday after the Nationals comp. He's never been on a cable before but he did just fine.
He's 11 and I couldn't believe he let his drop enough to hit that kicker! :eek: If I'd have guessed he had the stones to hit it I would have told him ahead of time to stop cutting at the ramp :D


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