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arizonarider 12-23-2019 6:39 AM

Quick Edit of a trip last summer...
If you're bored at work today dreaming of it being summer and back on the water like me here's a little video my younger brother just put together. I always enjoy watching other people's edits. We're all scrubs but we had a good time. Hope everyone's having a good holiday season!


razorjaw 12-23-2019 11:00 AM

Great work! Looks like you guys had fun.

ScottyP 12-24-2019 5:15 AM

Good stuff!

chillinoj 12-26-2019 7:27 AM

That's what it's all about! Thanks for sharing the fun times!

oh and get that kid doing some toeside jumps! ;p

denverd1 12-30-2019 3:56 AM

looks fun! I wasn't thinking about summer, but I am now. cool vid

arizonarider 01-06-2020 3:27 AM

Thanks for the kind words everyone! It was a good time. And yes he's needs to get going with some toeside jumps, he takes bit of a razzing for that haha.

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