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gwnkids 09-04-2015 6:05 PM

Four Winns?

Aurex 09-06-2015 7:44 PM

While cool and props to Four Winns for trying to innovate, but the prop is still not located as far forward as d/v drive. the wake didn't look great, but I didn't see what they were running for ballast.

I would still be leery of surfing behind that, it has two meat grinders on it after all, counter rotating to boot.

tonyv420 09-07-2015 12:05 PM

I'll stick to my V-Drive! LOL

brodee42 09-12-2015 8:17 AM

Props for innovation...

But not for me!:D

sppeders 09-12-2015 8:32 AM


Nordicron 09-13-2015 6:29 AM

Yeah not sure I'm a fan of that awkward looking drive system either. Doesn't appear to give any shallow water advantage either. My guess is the draft on that thing is far worse than a vdrive and raising that lower unit doesn't really clear the prop until it's at the point that it probably doesn't propel the boat anyway.

Layout looks good though. And my guess is that this boat throws a horrid wakeboard wake so it's a one trick pony.

They will sell some to people that don't have a clue but won't dig into any of the vdrive sales is my take.

ilikebeaverandboats 09-13-2015 9:03 AM

stil no.

People need to stop trying to make something, into something it isn't. :banghead:

OneCent 09-13-2015 3:28 PM

.. the wake does not look good. I would never buy that boat for Wakeboarding or Wakesurfing.

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