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denverd1 06-07-2016 7:30 AM

GoPro board mount - threaded mount
I've combed through the gopro threads and not found what I'm looking for. Obrien boards have a threaded mount on the nose. It's like a standard camera mount, no of my gopro stuff applies. Looks like a 1/4" hole, but still don't have a mount if I knew the hardware size.

This is the same mount used on every other camera in the world (except gopro) to set up tripods, etc. What works for a gopro?

clutchind 06-08-2016 5:53 AM

Obrien boards come from the factory with a stud you insert in this fitting, then you simply thread a standard GoPro tripod mount on top. I recommend a rubber washer between the board and mount to help dial in placement. If you're missing yours, reach out to Zach at Obrien Customer Service - ZachS@Obrien.com, tell him Ross sent you and what you're looking for, they might have a few laying around. Obrien did stop including these mounts on the majority of their boards in 2015 so if they don't have any left over, email me at ross@havefunmedia.com. I have a few extra laying around I'd be happy to send your way at no charge.

denverd1 06-10-2016 1:53 PM

cool. sent Zach an e

denverd1 06-14-2016 9:41 AM

Zach is sending a stud out for free! Thanks Zach and Obrien!!

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