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Bret 08-08-2020 11:34 AM

Stereo Not working
2009 V215 Stereo didn't work over the 4th of July weekend. It worked fine over Memorial Day weekend. Nothing worked at all when we put it in the water over the 4th of July weekend. We tried everything?

denverd1 08-10-2020 8:50 AM

tried everything: like confirm you're getting power to things (head unit, amps, etc)?

jonblarc7 08-11-2020 3:07 AM

You checked your grounds. I just had this problem where my head until is tied into the starting battery from the factory. But I wired all my amps and WS-420 to the stereo batteries. The head until would come on but the amps would fire up.

I forgot they where on different batteries so when a ground came loose on the stereo bank I didn't notice because the head unit was still turning on. And thought the WS-420 went bad and wasn't turning the amps on.

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