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havasugirl 07-13-2011 8:26 PM

DVD Recommendations?
My family & I just started wakeboarding. We love to put on riding DVDs the night before we hit the lake for pump-up value, and we love the big airs and tricks, but I'm looking for more of an instruction video for myself. Very beginner, been riding 1 month. Got my 4 year old son on a Hyperlite Divine and he loves it! Now my 1 year old little girl thinks she gets a turn!
Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks

Kane 07-14-2011 1:47 AM

Hello Kim
I'd recommend Detention 2012 or the book.
Both are great but I think Detention 2012 has a better beginner section. It also shows riders who are learning and making mistakes and explaining what they are doing wrong.
I've also heard great things about learnwake.com
Hope that helps.

sexyws6mama 07-14-2011 6:36 AM

Detention 2012 and if you can take some private lessons/clinics or wake camp. That will help your learning curve fast!

Good Luck...have fun...keep those eyes up, handle low and have patience! (and fun too) LOL

quik876 07-14-2011 6:58 AM

If you can find it, I suggest The Riders Edge, good video for quick starts, Detention 2012 is excellent with Murray's revised riding tips and some good ole slapstick for laughs. also The Book has good tips and drills (they break it down real well IMO) for new folks just startin' out.

If you're lookin' for team videos or freeride style, try The Truth (Liquid Force team vid), Push Process (Oakley team) Rewritten or Counterfeit This (Hyperlite team Vids). and if you want an all ladies vid for yourself, your daughter and any other ladies lookin' to get fired up for riding, I suggest The Chick Flick, good stuff there no matter who you are. There're so many to choose from, it's hard to nail down; but there's a few to start.

Learn wake is good, but to get a good value out of it, you'll need a membership (because there's sooo much stuff they have on the site)

a week at a wake camp is definitely a good way to get the progressive juices flowin'.

head up shoulders, back, arms straight and knees bent, and don't forget to have fun while ridin' that buttery, glassy goodness

havasugirl 07-14-2011 9:43 AM

Thanks for all the suggestions!
I will try them out!

Bumpass1 07-18-2011 4:27 PM

I joined learnwake.com. They are worth the $10 a month. One nice thing that you can do is post videos to the website and the guys who run it will let you know what you need to do differently. My family (2 daugthers 10 & 7) and I just started wakeboarding this year also. I just picked up a board for my 7 year old daughter. She is bugging me to drag her across the yard everyday until we get to the lake.

Bumpass1 07-18-2011 4:29 PM

P.S. - If you have an IPhone there is an app called TSOWAKE that is pretty good. It has instructional videos and descriptions for everything from equipment to S-Bends

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