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rscott22 02-09-2011 5:43 AM

Need help getting GF a wakebaord setup!
Hey ladies,

My GF wants to try and get into wakeboarding this summer, but I have no idea what would be a good board for her to start on and progress. Also we arent looking to spend alot of money considering she may use it once or twice a month. If you girls have any suggestions please share them!


TarahMik 02-09-2011 11:28 AM

Hey Ryan,
I would suggest the O'Brien Vixen. It's a really good price-point board, but it also is very stable & can handle her progression as she rides more. You can get the full set-up (board & bindings) for $299 on Overtons.com or Barts.com or most local board shops (depending on where you live). If you just want the board (with out bindings) its only $199. This is the board that I ride and it is also a board we put girls of all riding ability on. It's the same design as the O'Brien Clutch, which just tested really well in Alliance's gear guide test. Hope this is helpful!

Tarah Mikacich

Sarah 04-15-2011 12:25 PM

Hey Ryan,
I would suggest getting your girlfriend the Liquid Force Luna or Luna Grid with the prima bindings! This is a great board to learn on and once she catches on it's a board that she can progress with. The bindings are super easy to get in and out of....and if she's just learning this is the way to go! You can get a combo package on this board and binding set! I would check out this set-up!!!!


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