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MooSeMan 12-23-2017 6:11 PM

You ever take the molding(rub rail) OFF???
Anyone ??? Tell me how much work it was and were you able to get it back on right???

markj 12-23-2017 11:00 PM

Yep. Simple. I did it on my old 91 Nautique. Just pulled the center rubber bead out and backed out the screws which were every 6”. Easy.

rallyart 12-23-2017 11:14 PM

You need the rubber moulding to be warm so it pulls out cleanly and warm enough putting it in that it is flexible. Be prepared for it to appear to be a different length when you get it placed back in. It's long enough that getting the same tension on it makes a difference.

MooSeMan 12-24-2017 12:55 AM

did it take 3 mins???,Because I tape it off in 3 mins...

simplej 12-24-2017 3:54 AM


Originally Posted by MooSeMan (Post 1972547)
did it take 3 mins???,Because I tape it off in 3 mins...

This is the best post I have seen on this board

I still want a moose custom surfboard (ocean)

wakejunky 12-24-2017 7:18 AM

Couple of things to keep in mind. After taking the rub rail off, mark all the screw holes with a crayon or marker with a vertical line that extends past the top of the rub rail, you need to get the screws back into their original holes. Also, if there is not a scroll line above all the screw holes, cut one that with a dremel just deep enough to get to the fiberglass, this will prevent any spider cracks from migrating above the rub rail when everything is back together.

boardman74 12-24-2017 8:41 AM

I have been following these 2 threads wondering how much of this is a joke and how much is serious.....needless to say I am still wondering..

Bottom line is there is a PROPER way to do a repair and there is almost always a quicker easier way to do it. People choose to do things different ways and it doesn't make one right or wrong. There will always be a market for the cheap and easy fix. It works for some people. Many of the boat owners on here are pretty anal(me included) about their stuff. I personally would never accept that type of repair, but I would also not request it. The guy who wanted that is probably happy with the repair and happy with what he paid for it. It works for him, So in this case it works just fine, who are we to judge.

Merry Christmas all....

MooSeMan 12-24-2017 1:18 PM

RB Da Man ,,,Nobody want to pay to have stuff done and no idea on how hard repairs are ,,,,First order is to make it strong and cosmetics are next ,,,BUT you cant take a 20+year boat and make it better than Brand new ,it just cant be done for nothing...

denverd1 12-29-2017 10:04 AM

Moose, we get that your customer was thrilled with your repair. let it go man

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