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mikeab8 12-30-2015 2:55 PM

Weighing Out My Options
So I have a 2001 Mastercraft X10 and currently have it pretty sacked out. I really like how Ive gotten the wake with the sacks I've fit in there, but I have ever compartment filled with sacks. I just got a bunch of lead recently and I've read that a bunch of people use lead to save room in the boat. I have about 350lbs of lead and want to know how you guys use your lead. Do you you use the Shaun Murray method of the PVC pipes with the lead in them or a different way?

dezul 12-30-2015 3:10 PM

I think most use lead in portable bags. The PVC pipe method will work. Make sure you melt it correctly. Watch some YouTube videos about and protect yourself. Don't get lead poisoning.

mikeab8 01-01-2016 4:04 PM

So does everyone that uses lead melt it down?

johnny_defacto 01-02-2016 7:26 PM


Originally Posted by mikeab8 (Post 1927632)
So does everyone that uses lead melt it down?

In my first boat i melted down wheel weights into baking trays, probably about 300-400 lbs total. Then I found Pop-products 40 lbs steel shot bags. When I got my new boat in 2011 I ditched the pop-products and went with Lead-wake 50 lbs bags. They are way better, heavier, smaller, are very high quality.

Melting is cheaper for sure, but it is a pain-staking process and even though guys have a lot of good ideas on what container to use, the Lead Wake bags are the best I have seen and worth the dough.

denverd1 01-06-2016 1:25 PM

i didn't melt mine. I put the weight in small zip pouches. bought out home depot twice to get enough. probably have 20. they're 30-35 lbs each. I tuck 8 or 10 under the front seats. I've got the other 10 against the back seats on the floor. we move them around depending on what we're doing. melting would save a little space, just not enough for me to risk it or invest in the proper respirator.

ironj32 01-07-2016 1:33 PM

I didn't melt my lead either...just put a bunch of tire weights into two, small, heavy duty plastic tubs. They are 60 pounds each, and I put them under the port observers seat to counter the driver weight and prop pull.

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