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Lemonade 07-18-2019 3:56 AM

2020 nxt 20/22
Watching the Instagram from MC and looks like the NXT line is getting some good upgrades. Can anyone comment on the wake/wave behind these boats? Might just do a demo if I can arrange. I'm generally frugal, so this boat seems to check a lot of my boxes without giving up G money.


bcrider 07-18-2019 5:12 AM

You should save a lot of cheese considering they are $ 50k all day!!!!


Lemonade 07-18-2019 7:43 AM

Whoever led that marketing ploy was either promoted or fired.

boardjnky4 07-19-2019 2:54 AM

There's a bunch of good "budget" boats out there now. I'm still fanboying the Axis club. Why focus on the NXT when there are other proven budget boats out there?

Shakarocks 07-22-2019 6:56 AM

I would be several price-point boats over the NXT's.

Lemonade 07-22-2019 10:43 AM

Just getting loads of marketing stuff from them. I'd say Mastercraft feel > Axis in terms of fit and finish and surf wave. I've only been behind a couple Malibu's and one Axis (without surfgate) and found the wave to be lacking. I'm too old to benefit from pro level wakes, surfing dominates my time, thought I do like to wakeboard and skate from time to time.

I'm curious if there were a price point boat shootout what would the rankings look like?

Shakarocks 07-23-2019 2:08 AM

Supreme ZS232
Moomba Makai/Axis A24 (tie)
Tige R23/R21
Moomba Max/Axis the rest of them tie
Heyday (ugly but surf very well for a very low price)

hunter991 07-23-2019 2:43 AM

Being an MC i am sure quality is inherent in the new NXT line. But its NOT 50k all day anymore in fact it never was. The price is higher than most of the budget line boats and i would bet you can get far more options on the others for less money than the new NXT. Plus the tower is the ugliest thing i have ever seen. When will MC just start using the ZFT4 on everything instead of that afterthought looking, waste of good aluminum ZFT2?

Matt0520 07-25-2019 4:56 AM


Originally Posted by Shakarocks (Post 1990328)
I would be several price-point boats over the NXT's.

No doubt.

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