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grant_west 02-18-2015 2:58 PM

Las Vegas Road Rage Killing
When the story first broke last week the news was reporting the story like this:

A mom giving her teenage daughter a driving lesson encounters a "Road Rager" who followed them home and shot and killed her in her own driveway. The road rager got away and is wanted

The Plot thickens: Now it's being reported that The road rager came up behind them and they honked as the road rager passed them. Then the road rager stopped got out of his car and "they had words" is the way the news is reporting it.

The Lady then drives home drop's off her daughter and pick's up her 22 year old son (who has brought his gun) and they go looking for the road rager. They find him & he follows them home and that's where the lady gets shot and the shoot out happens.


I went from feeling sorry for the lady to saying, If you go looking for trouble your bound to find it.

That said she didn't deserve to die.

poser007 03-06-2015 3:17 PM

People are their own worse enemies. She probably just got done watching boys in the hood or something. You never know who you are dealing with.

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