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zap 07-15-2014 8:05 AM

Future Black Stixx
Is anyone using these fins?

Any reviews? Noticable difference?


Chaos 07-15-2014 8:11 AM

We use to recommend F4 blackstix for most people if they were looking to upgrade from composite fins. The f4 template is pretty standard surf template, and the blackstix's are lighter and more responsive. For those looking for a more pivoty feel the wct and ctg templates were favored.

However, if you want a better fin, actually designed for wakesurfing look at the Chaos Fin system.

timmyb 07-15-2014 8:30 AM

I have them in my TWP Bomb Pop and it is a noticeable difference and worth the upgrade. My next upgrade will be to Nick's "Chaos" fin system. I think you should just make the jump to the Chaos stuff and report back! :)

duffymahoney 07-15-2014 9:00 AM

I just got the chaos fins set. They are great, really I just noticed more drive when pumping and they still kept the board feeling loose. Best of both worlds. I was using black stixx before, just fyi.

rugbyballa3 07-15-2014 9:07 AM

i have the solus from and i like the. my buddy rides the rusty black stix and loves them. i also have the john johns and the rfc heater fins that are a lot like the future controler fins i believe. i really like the heaters they have great drive and break loose really easy.

Mike_AMPD_HD 07-15-2014 1:08 PM

Love them! Use them on all my surfs from wake to actual surfboards. Nice flex

zap 07-15-2014 2:57 PM


Based on the feedback, we will try the shred's

stingreye 07-15-2014 3:11 PM

Nick, any plans to fit a FCS fin box for those fins?

Chaos 07-15-2014 6:11 PM


Maybe on the two tab style. I can and have made solid fiberglass ones. But to produce RTM versions, I have to set up new molds. Also, the difference between FCS style fins and Futures is cant. The boxes for Futures systems go in more or less flat, and the fin is canted at a specific angle, but with FCS, the fins are not set at an angle (except for some special fins) and the boxes set the degree of cant from 0-10. One of the design elements of the Chaos fins is cant. But I cannot control the cant that various manufactures have set the fcs style plugs at.


Chaos 07-15-2014 6:13 PM


You can use coupon code 'Fins15" for 15% off on the Chaos Fins at www.shredstixxusa.com


you_da_man 07-16-2014 10:02 AM

I recently purchased a Shred Stixx Bamboo Carbon Chaos board that Nick put the Chaos fins on (by the way Nick I need to order the kinard fins) and the board is incredibly fast. I've let 3 people ride this board and they all bailed on their first attempt to pump the board because they shot towards the boat faster than anticipated. Could be just the fast board, could be the Chaos fins, but it's probably both and it's a fun board.

Chaos 07-16-2014 12:02 PM

No problem AJ. In about another week or so, I will have matching green and blue RTM style canards. I am also going to continue to manufacture the solid fiberglass versions in smoke as well.


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