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dand393 07-13-2014 8:51 AM

shred stixx headband
Has anyone got a review of the shred stixx head band I really have no way of trying it out first. I am 5' 11 180 pounds and the only board I currently have is a phase five prop so I know this board Will be different but will it be good for new people to try as well since the prop is really hard for new surfers to learn on

Mike_AMPD_HD 07-13-2014 10:04 AM

Hey how's it going. I actually carry that board and man it's a sick stick. Love riding the board. Very fluid and responsive. It has a performance swallow tail, narrowed nose and thruster fin set up. It has more volume for mid weight, aggressive riders and if your looking for a bit more stability in their ride. The Headband has been designed to bridge the gap between performance boards and fun cruisers. I got a lot of info on the shred stixx boards at www.ampdhd.com

iShredSAN 07-13-2014 12:08 PM

Paging Surfaddict... Wakeworld's #1 board reviewer!

wakemitch 07-13-2014 8:11 PM


Originally Posted by Mike_AMPD_HD (Post 1884535)
I actually carry that board and man it's a sick stick.

I still don't get what you mean when you say you carry it. I thought you don't keep any boards in stock? If you do, then that's awesome.

I'm a big fan of the Headband. It is a fun ride and is super responsive. It feel more like a surfboard than any other board I've ridden. The Thruster fin set up gives it a very surfy feel. Unlike most wakesurf boards that have 2 or 4 fins, the 3 fin (thruster) set up makes the tail very stiff which makes it hard to spin, but it allows for cranking super hard turns and more traditional surf maneuvers. The board also has a ton of rocker which makes it a blast for deep carves, but be warned: it is not a cruiser. Don't expect to stand and do nothing, you need to ride this board hard to get the true feel for it. I personally love the shape.

Mike_AMPD_HD 07-13-2014 8:12 PM

Yes I keep boards in stock any personal boards.

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