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ajberry3 10-25-2020 1:37 PM

I know this can be a loaded question... but what are the differences between the wake behind an SANTE 210, Supra Launch V, and Outback V> (All '03-'05)

Andy_Mora 10-25-2020 11:56 PM

I haven't been on all of those boats, but I own a 08 Moomba LSV so a little bigger than the Outback V and rode behind a friends 210. Both boats are loaded with with a few thousand pounds and are pretty maxed out. I'd say the 210 is the better of the two. That boat has a pretty good reputation for having a great wakeboard wake. It's a little harsh if you case/come up short but has a pretty good reliable wakeboard wake. My bet would be the 210 having the best wakeboard wake from the group.

e_rock32 10-31-2020 7:50 AM

I would pick them in the order you listed them in. I have ridden all of them and SAN 210 has the best shape of the 3 when weighted correctly. If you were okay going with a little bigger boat, the supra launch 22 SSV and 24 SSV have really nice wakes and are really versatile with the trim tab and has a good range of steep to mellow. The Supra launch 21V and Moomba Outback LSV both have more abrupt transitions. Not on your list, but the Malibu VLX from 2005 is probably one of my favorite wakeboard wakes.

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