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xstarrider 04-17-2020 5:13 PM

Hyperlite 2020 Binding Line
Seems like the system binding may be getting phased out a bit. I have been riding them for some time now after swapping from being a long time Ronix guy, but the lack of options for a stiffer supportive System Boot are a bit concerning. I love the system feel and fit.

Seems like they're moving back to top tier baseplate bindings. Curious on everyone's thoughts

scottb7 04-21-2020 6:34 AM

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dunno, but based on the huge quantity of 4d chassis stuff marked down like 60-78% that crap not selling...for liquid force

Ttime41 04-21-2020 7:40 AM

Without any hard data to back me up, just being around a wake shop nearby I can tell you pro model boards and bindings are just not moving like they used to. I would bet that Hyperlite is just cutting their binding lineup back as a whole. They've got to be moving cheap open toe boots on package boards 10 to 1 compared to the high-end stuff.

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