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05mobiuslsv 11-09-2009 12:12 PM

Any Tige owners out there I'm helping a friend do a system in his 24Ve and we're adding a couple batteries, tower lights, and full stereo system. The current battery is in one of the rear storage lockers. We're looking to relocate the batteries into the observers storage compartment to give room for surf sacs in the lockers. I'm adding a Blue Sea add a battery kit to it with the selector switch and acr. I don't want to re-invent the wheel here and looking for some ideas or what you've done. <BR> <BR>Also looking for any amp rack, sub, and tower wiring ideas for speakers and lights.

ajholt7 11-09-2009 1:05 PM

Check tigeowners.com. There are many posts on these subjects.

fic 11-09-2009 3:19 PM

Be very careful on how you wire up the batteries, or you can mess up the drive by wire system!

dabell 11-09-2009 3:46 PM

send a PM to forum member TigeMike and he can answer your questions. He will probably stop by here and make a comment though. <BR> <BR>Sorry, no help but Mike is very familiar with wiring of stereo equipment in Tige's.

chpthril 11-09-2009 5:01 PM

Ok, sounds like you have a Tige with the factory ballast, which should already have the EIDB dual battery system as it comes standard with Tiges with ballast or heater or tower of power stereo or tower lights or any combo of those options. If the boat does have the factory dual battery setup, there is a diode Iso that will need to be pulled out of the loop. <BR> <BR>If it were me, I would pull the factory rear ballast tanks and move the battery(s) back against the transom like it is in the non-ballast Tiges. If it doesnt have factory ballast, then not sure why your are needing to relocate the battery(s). <BR> <BR>Amp rack: No need unless you want to go all out on custom work. The pass side walk-thru wall has a composite board glassed in that is apx 1.25" thick. It's plenty strong and large enough to hold 3 amps. I like to pull the cooler and pop my power cable through the bulk-head wall separating the cooler area and the storage. <BR> <BR>Sub: I'm guessing you're going with a 12" of some kind and will be needing an enclosure. The drivers foot-well wall is a great place for a sub. If you remove the front seatback lift support, a box of the proper volume can be squeezed in to the storage opening, but I recommend mocking it up in cardboard first, just to make sure it fits. <BR> <BR>Does the tower currently have speakers? If were done factory (or at least the tower was factory pre-wired) it will have two pulls of 12ga. If you need 4 pulls, you will need to pull the 2 12ga's out and pull in 4 14ga's, 4 12ga's wont fit. The tower wire can be run down the tower tubes and through the port side gunewale, so it will be completely hidden. For the lights, take the wires down the starboard side with the nav light wires. <BR> <BR>The Enzo sac is a perfect fit for the 24Ve. A custom will cost just about as much, plus the enzo already has extra valves for filling/draining. <BR> <BR>Like Ajholt said, do a search on TO's.com, i've posted lots of pics on fishing the tower.

05mobiuslsv 11-09-2009 6:05 PM

Hey Mike thanks for the info. The boat does not have factory ballast and only has one battery. The boat had only a deck and 4 speakers to begin with. I'm putting 6 new polk momo's in there, 3 amps, and a new deck. I'm installing two Hollowpoint 770's and a 6 light bar on the tower. It didn't have any tower speakers before. I am installing at least one 12" JL W6 in there to start, I'll add another if it's not enough for him. I hear there is a template already started for a 10" in the kickpanel? <BR> <BR>I'll check out TO's when I get a chance.

highrock 11-09-2009 6:10 PM

There should be a template on the back side of the kick panel in front of the driver so that should not be an issue. I would build a bow on the back side of that as there should be plenty of room behind it to do so.

chpthril 11-09-2009 7:06 PM

NuBu, the wall is perforated for a 10" and it can be located by feeling the carpet. It's kinda on the lower/left corner of the wall when looking at it from the helm side of the wall. For a 12' you'll cut along about 1/3 of the 10" cut-out before you'll need to go larger.

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