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09-25-2008 1:40 AM

Hey Wake Team Captains, coaches, presidents, advisors, riders, and sponsors! <BR> <BR>The 2008 Western Collegiate Wakeboard Regionals will again be held at Villa Lagos, but this time presented by the Chico State Wake Team. Chico is only 30 minutes from this great lake. I realize that this isn't much info at this point but we will have more coming at you very soon. This is more of a heads up so we can all start planning flights/travel arrangements and stuff like that. We're still working on things like a host hotel, venue for meet and greet which will be hosted by redbull, and travel arrangements to and from the lake. But I can tell you that we are going to have quite an event in store for everyone and I hope you and your teams will make the trip. God willing we will again have great weather this year. But do pack your suits! It is Norcal in late October. <BR> <BR>Teams expected to attend include Chico State, Sacramento State, UCSB, and CSU Long Beach from California; ASU and U of A from Arizona; Western and Central Washington Universities; University of Portland and University of Oregon; and many others. I still don't have any information regarding wake teams from Colleges and Universities in Nevada, Colorado, Utah, Hawaii, Montana, Idaho, or Wyoming. If you are a rider from a school in one of these states with a wake team that would like to compete please contact me asap. <BR> <BR>Date: October 25th- 26th <BR> <BR>Location: Villa Lagos (California's first private wakeboard lake; home of Northern California INT and WWA competitive wakeboard tournaments) <BR>8301 State Hwy 99W, Gerber CA 96035 <BR>Absolutely no alcohol is permitted at the lake. <BR> <BR>Nearest International Airport: Sacramento International <BR>From Sacramento Airport to Chico: Take I-5 North Exit 99 north to Chico. Approx 2hrs. (This means travel arrangements will need to be made.) <BR>From Airport to lake: Exit airport and take I-5 North (108 miles), Exit Corning Rd. and turn left on historical 99W (right before the train tracks) then another left at the Lake, 8301 (white fence with palm tress, and banners at the entrance). Please remember to drive slow. <BR>There is also a smaller airport in Chico to which arrangements can be made. <BR> <BR>For updates and general questions contact: <BR> <BR>Travis Conley Main Event Contact <BR><a href="mailto:travisconley37@gmail.com">travisconle y37@gmail.com</a> <BR> <BR>Marcus Kistler Team Pres. <BR><a href="mailto:mkistler2@mail.csuchico.edu">mkistler 2@mail.csuchico.edu</a> <BR> <BR>Or if you'd like information on becoming a sponsor contact: <BR> <BR>Jerrod Porteur Event Coordinator <BR><a href="mailto:jporteur@gmail.com">jporteur@gmail.co m</a> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>Thanks for your time and hope to see you and your teams next month, <BR> <BR>Jerrod J. Porteur <BR>Chico State Wake Team Coach <BR>Email: <a href="mailto:jporteur@gmail.com">jporteur@gmail.co m</a> <BR>Mobile: (530) 519-3767}

rodmcinnis 10-27-2008 3:45 PM

Hey, Great competition! <BR> <BR>Hat's off to the guys at Chico, they did a great job. <BR> <BR>The weather couldn't have been better. Villa Lagos, as always, is the absolute best venue for a wakeboard competition. The sliders and winch pulls provided additional entertainment. And the turnout was fantastic! <BR> <BR>Rod

hellutite 10-28-2008 12:53 PM

Just wondering if full results will be available to coaches and captains? <BR> <BR>also great job hosting the event Jerrod, we had a blast!

nickdakoolkat 10-28-2008 10:31 PM

I hella wished I would have gone....but I had some family stuff I had to do...but I, glad everyone had a kick ass time!

02-23-2009 9:23 PM

Thanks Sean! See you guys at nationals!

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