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scotthons 09-19-2018 8:26 AM

'14 Axis a22
My buddy is picking up a '14 a22 soon. His family will primarily be using it to surf, but being the selfish person I am I can't wait to get behind it to board. Does anyone have any pics of the wakeboard wake with stock ballast and pnp?

Anything he should know about this boat?

theloungelife 09-19-2018 9:55 AM

Do you know what bags it has hooked up to the plug and play (PNP)?

For wakeboarding, I run my 13' A22 with all hard tanks full, 650 PNP on each side of the engine 90%-full, wedge, arrow sack in the nose full (I think it only fills to 650ish, even though it says 950), and an extra 550 full in the bow on top of the cushions. All that at 23.6mph @ 75'. I like it a lot.

One of the weirdest settings for this boat is the manual wedge has 2 hole where you can put the stopper bolts. Switching from the upper to the lower added a nicer lip for me. For ref: http://axiswakeboardboats.com/viewto...ilit=bolt+hole

jarrod 09-19-2018 10:29 AM

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You're going to be pumped. I had a 14 and a 15 and the wake is awesome. Make sure you get plenty of weight in the bow as loungelife suggested. If the boat is too stern heavy, your wake will be very wide. Especially with a wedge, the bow needs a lot of weight.

I personally hate having a bag sitting on the cushions in the bow, so I used lead under the center cushion. If you don't have lead, and you don't have the integrated under-cushion arrow sac in the bow on the plug n play, you may have to run less weight in the rear and ride slower / shorter.

Here's me behind my 14 A22 wake.

AZAxis 09-19-2018 9:43 PM

I'm sure it is better than my 2011 A22 wake which is scary big.

boardjnky4 09-20-2018 8:51 PM


Originally Posted by AZAxis (Post 1980793)
I'm sure it is better than my 2011 A22 wake which is scary big.

11 and 14 are the same hull.

AZAxis 09-20-2018 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by boardjnky4 (Post 1980850)
11 and 14 are the same hull.

Same hull, but the 2014 is somehow several hundred pounds heavier. :confused: I donít think surfgates and actuators add 400 lbs.

jarrod 09-21-2018 9:57 AM

My Bad. The picture above is a 15. I forgot the hull change was in 15 not 14.

granddaddy53 09-26-2018 5:22 PM

The 14 was safe year for hull, 2015 was besieged by spider cracks and much more including stringer seperation not a large number of boats and factory fixed quite a few already but that happens to any boat in a redesign year, and 15 you lose the larger sack but gain the walk through

scotthons 07-12-2019 3:25 AM

Jarrod, what speed and length did you run behind your Axis? I have been out a couple times now behind my buddies A22 and still trying to get it dialed. We have had a hard time getting it to plane with full rear ballast and wedge down. We are at 4,400 feet of elevation. He just got a 600 pound sac which I assume will be best used in the bow.

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