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Doomey1 08-22-2015 10:46 AM

00san sack help!?
My buddy has a 00San and we usually ride withe a ton of lead (literally) but he wants to use a bow sack instead of just lead in the bow. I'm sure there's a thread somewhere for this but does anyone know if the under seat bow sack from sumo would fit? The 500 or 750?

jonblarc7 08-22-2015 8:04 PM

Is that year have the play pin or is it the u shaped seating? If it is a solid pad up front like my old super sport. I used the 1000 pound triangle open bow fly high sac. I slid I up under the pad and it would fill to about 500 hundred or so.

wakedaveup 08-24-2015 7:24 PM

It should be U shaped seating and in my experience nothing fits under those seats haha. No serious the storage is very small and even if you got a bag to fit under there I doubt you'd get much in the bag to make a significant difference in weight. Stick with lead in the bow or just put the triangle sac up there. Prob your best bet (I have a 99)

05sante 08-25-2015 6:24 AM

Is it U shape with a cooler on the driver side?

Some people cut out the cooler and put a U shape sac under the seat. I can't remember how much weight that option is. I didn't want to cut out the cooler so I have a 500 sac that runs under the port side cushion and bow cushion. It doesn't fill to the full 500 though, I don't know exactly how much it holds but its enough.

Doomey1 08-25-2015 9:07 PM

No cooler and we have tons of lead. Probably a solid 1000 in lead up front

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