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hawkeye7708 09-03-2012 7:15 AM

Has Anybody Ridden the SS Lyman on Cable?
Thread title basically says it all. I'm looking for a board that'll hard charge the wake behind boats, and hold up off kickers and a few well built sliders at my local 2.0. I know SS bases are extremely durable, but I haven't heard much about this board in this application.

hawkeye7708 09-03-2012 8:05 AM

I'll also throw the 2012 KINE into the arena as well for the same line of questions.

TParke 09-03-2012 9:14 AM

I currently ride the Kine at the cable and boat. I am really enjoying this setup. If you can try and demo the shredtown behind the boat it is pretty amazing. I didn't like the feel of the RADs but am really liking the KTV's.

simplej 09-03-2012 12:45 PM

i have a kine coming from a ronix one, and the board is miles ahead. it releases beautifully off the wake and pops well. I havent ridden it at a cable but that board should be a good option. i would give all 3 from the ballistic series a try

hawkeye7708 09-03-2012 3:02 PM

Tory, SimpleJ-

Thank you very much for your help. Just got in a spot where I need a board that will do both. I have a 2012 Viva that I'll be selling because there's no sense in destroying a perfectly good boat board on the cable. The Ballistic line would work well with the way I prefer to ride (not so much wake to wake, more longer airs towards the flats) and I feel the way they're constructed will really help working sliders and kickers or behind the boat.

How does the flex compare to a standard SS deck? I know I'm looking for a stiffer model of SS. I've noodled around on the Response at the park and I could feel the flex quite a bit.

hawkeye7708 09-03-2012 6:21 PM

Kine is on its way!

simplej 09-04-2012 5:48 AM

You will definitely notice the flex, obviously weight dependent. I don't so much feel it thru the peak of the wake with the kine but you'll know it's a flex board when you land and go to play on it, like I said I haven't ridden it at a park as I am from new England, hopping around on the swimdeck itll flatten out for you and let you press though, but as a wake riding board it's great. In terms of flex, I demoed a recoil and kine and I struggled on the recoil because of the flex, it was too much for my intermediate ass, but the kine had me sending just like my one did. I got used to the board and now it's sending me bigger than I have ever been able boot.

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