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tweeder 10-01-2021 5:33 AM

2002 Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV
Is it worth waiting for a VLX over a Sunscape 21 LSV? The LSV does come with a wake shaper

I am going to look at an older SAN 210 and 21 LSV this weekend. My primary goal is to surf then wakeboard. I know at this price point of around 25k you get what is available but I don't want something disappointing either.

I looked at a Tige 22v but the interior was gross, stereo needed replacement, needed a new perfect pass screen, and was just ridden hard and put away wet (disappointing as this probably is the best surfing of them all) and the guy wouldn't come down to a price that would make me want to buy it.

denverd1 10-08-2021 9:09 AM

my Malibu history is a tad foggy, but I *think* VLX has different hull than LSV.

what's your mission? I see surf then wakeboard. No idea how the LSV surfs, but I kinda remember the VLX being the desired wake hull.

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