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brett33 08-16-2017 6:26 AM

Sub cut out, WS420 failure?
Anyone have problems with the ws420? Sub was working just fine, turned boat off then back on and no sub. Ended up replacing the amp (it was old and needed an upgrade) tested power at the woofer and nothing.. changed RCA plugs still nothing. Possibly something in the EQ has malfunctioned??

Reddog78 08-16-2017 6:57 AM

Swap the rca to tower or in boats to check.

Reddog78 08-16-2017 6:58 AM

Check your batteries. My sub will cut out if my batteries are low.

brett33 08-16-2017 7:09 AM

Red- I did that, and got muffeled noise slightly coming from the sub

chpthril 08-16-2017 8:14 AM

How did you test for "power" at the woofer, what were you looking for?

Prior to replacing the amp, was the power indicator light on, off or indicating protect mode?

Have you checked for battery voltage on the amp power cables and turn-on wire at the amp?

Ohmed out the woofer and its circuit?

changed RCA plugs meaning what? did you swap RCAs are just move some ends around. If you plugged the sub-out rca into the in-boat or tower out and got something less than normal from the woofer, this would indicated the issue is down stream of the EQ, providing the in-boat and tower zones performed normal prior.

Gotta ask the obvious, but did you make sure the some level was not turned down.

brett33 08-16-2017 8:57 AM

Before I replaced the amp, indicator light was on and green (which is normal), power was going into the amp, but not coming out via the channels. Replaced RCA wires running from sub amp to EQ. Figured the amp was more than likely done, since it was really old. Replaced with new amp, everything reads good. Power going in is 12v, remote wire has power, still no power coming out of the amp. Swapped RCA wires coming from sub amp to inboat and tower speaker inputs on EQ and I got a very low and muffled sound coming from the woofer no matter what the levels were on the EQ.. weird.

rexlex01 08-17-2017 5:44 AM

What model is the new amp?

boardman74 08-17-2017 5:45 AM

Can you loop the 420 out of the system to test your theory that it is bad? Just go right from the head unit to the sub amp?

brett33 08-17-2017 6:38 AM

The new amp is a WS syn4 I've had sitting in my shop with hardly any previous use.

RB- possibly, might need to try that when i get home.

CALIV210 08-17-2017 7:57 AM


Originally Posted by boardman74 (Post 1965598)
Can you loop the 420 out of the system to test your theory that it is bad? Just go right from the head unit to the sub amp?

thats what i was thinking ...should be real easy if you had a pair of double male RCA adapters .

brett33 08-17-2017 8:16 AM

I do. Hopefully they are long enough and I'll give that a shot when I get back to the house. Is there any other reason, that I'm missing, that power would not be coming out of the amp?

chpthril 08-17-2017 1:53 PM

Ill ask again, what "power" have you measured for and found to not be coming out of the amp? Is this an assumption because the woofer is not working or have you actually put a volt meter across the amp terminals and measured for something?

You really need to accurately measure the woofer's impedance as this point.

brett33 08-17-2017 2:27 PM

Yes, I've put a multimeter across the amp channels (that go to the sub) while the boat was on and got a reading of 0 volts coming out of the amp.

skuhleman 08-17-2017 2:39 PM

You were measuring A.C. volts not DC right? Also did you ohm the sub?

chpthril 08-17-2017 3:30 PM

Ok, did you set the new amp up properly for a woofer and ballpark the tune?

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