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tn_rider 04-20-2016 3:52 PM

The best RGB controller
I'm looking for the BEST RGB controller you can get. What is it and why is it the best to you? I want dancing to music, side to side movement, and if possible id like to be able to custom program the lights to individual songs if I wanted. Thanks!

london 04-21-2016 7:41 PM

i have yet to see a good controller

grant_west 04-21-2016 10:36 PM

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dp513 05-09-2016 1:41 PM

Bump! I'm also interested in this. I want a really good one. Originally I used the old wetsound one. Didn't love it. Then I used a wifi one and it worked good but I hated it because I couldn't stream my music off soundcloud and use the controller. I would have to turn it on via wifi. Set it to a setting. Then turn wifi off and play music. But then would have to reconnect to wifi to turn it off. Was kind of a pain and it had no "play to the music" setting

jonyb 05-10-2016 9:46 AM

Something to that effect Chase, will take a multi-zone controller. The Wet Sounds controller above works pretty good. I've got a first generation controller that needed an update, but now it's a lot better.

Here's one I did 5 years ago with a different controller. As of last Fall, the boat was still on the water giving people seizures, but I don't believe that controller is available anymore.


wakebrdr94 05-16-2016 9:14 PM

Pricy, but awesome!

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