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ord27 03-02-2012 5:07 AM

car transport companies
I bought a '67 Camaro Rs in the Seattle area. I need it shipped to Texas. I have gotten a lot of quotes. I'm not sure which company to go with. They all want to explain that some companies have hidden charges, or that if a bid is low, the driver will avoid picking the car up.

Do any of yall have any experience with this?
Any companies to avoid?
Any recommendations?

I don't need an enclosed truck. The open trail style is fine.


helinut 03-02-2012 4:03 PM

Try uship.com

You get "bids" on the shipment. I used it for some furniture from Fremont MI to Quincy WA and it was great.

I will say I also tried to move a car between those locations and struck out. Brokers would bid on it but couldn't find a truck to move it.

If it's decent sized cities, I'm sure you'll find someone.

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