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sk4910 10-11-2011 7:20 PM

2005 Sanger v210 Oil Change Problem
I have a 2005 Sanger v210 with the merc 350mag engine. I drained the oil and changed the filter no problem. Now I'm trying to find the dipstick and I found this yellow rubber ball in a tube with a threaded part under it. It is under the exhaust manifold on the passenger side. I'm thinking this is the dipstick but when I pulled on it, the rubber piece came off but no stick. It feels like the stick is sticking out about a 1/8 of an inch. Is this definately the dipstick and how do I get it out?

tyler97217 10-11-2011 7:51 PM

That is your dipstick.. Must have broken off the handle. Can you pull it up with a vice grip and then get a new dipstick?

sk4910 10-11-2011 8:01 PM

Not sure. I tried to pull it with a pair of pliers and that did not work. I will have to try vice grips tomorrow. I am going to have to dissassemble the throttle cable servo to get to it with vice grips. It is mounted on the rubber manifold exhaust hose and the stick is under it.

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