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brucegoose23 03-15-2011 4:54 AM

2006 supra launch 24 ssv
My friend just picked up a 2006 supra launch 24 and i havent got a chance to see it yet but we are due to take it out saturday afternoon. This will be the first time we have been behind an actual wake boat. What should we expect and how should we weight it down? I believe it has two tanks in the back and one in the floor. I am pretty pumped to get out and shred behind something other than an i/o

jonblarc7 03-15-2011 8:25 AM

I have one the wieght could either be two 565 sac's in the back or 400's (original owner order 400 for the back of mine still can't figure that one out) and 1100 sac in the front. If you can already ride and jump fill her all the way up and run it 22-23.5 or if thats alittle to fast just fill up the center sac and you can run all the way down to about 19 and keep a clean wake. I like to run the wake plate between half way up and all the way up depending on how many people are in the boat and how good the rider is. The father down the plate is the more mellow the wake will be.

tyler97217 03-15-2011 9:50 AM

Yeah just add more weight to the front... Many make the mistake of adding too much weight to the back. Also make sure as you fill the bags for the first time you open the hole at the top or back and burp all the air out as they are filling. That boat will make a big awesome wake once you get it dialed.

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