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wakedog 08-05-2010 6:58 PM

02 SAN integrated bow sac
Looking for some information on the 02 SAN. Is a fly high integrated bow sac and center ballast tank enough to offset (and prevent porpoising) 2 750lb v-drive locker sacs?

08-05-2010 7:54 PM

no, and the wake will be ridiculously steep with that configuration. You either won't want to run the 750s full or you're going to want more weight in the nose.

Jeff 08-05-2010 9:42 PM

I'm looking at a similar setup for my '00 230 VRS. Some have been saying it will work and others say not enough weight in the front.

I was thinking 2 750s in the rear, the 625 lb (or whatever it is) U shaped bag in the bow and then a 320 lb tube sack in the locker. I really don't want to have bags on the floor but, from what others are saying, you may not be able to offset the 750s in the rear with bags in the storage compartments and will need a full bow sac (1000 lbs).

I'd like to hear more details if anyone has setup a system with 750s in the back and no bags on the floor up front.

Jeff 08-05-2010 10:03 PM

I really wish fly high would make something in like a 500-600 lb V drive sack. That would make creating a "stealth" ballast system that still has a decent amount of weight pretty feasible. In my 23' I really need more than 800 lbs in the rear but the next step is 1,500 lbs. I don't really feel like taking it to that level though.

On the mastercraft forum people were recommending a 60/40 split (rear/front). So, by that logic if I'm throwing 1,500 in the rear I need 1,000 in the front. A 650 lb integrated bow sack and a 350 lb tube sack in the locker would probably do it but I'm not 100% sure of the effect of the tube in the locker vs the weight actually being all the way in the bow. Throwing a tube in there sounds like no big deal but it's an expense and then it has to be plumbed. It easily adds $3-400 to the ballast system cost (I suppose it's only 350 lbs so it could be left full all of the time).

If 60/40 really is the magic ratio then a pair of 500 lb bags would go perfectly with the 650 lb integrated bow sack. Not sure how much it cost to have Fly High make the bags to your specs though.

vr6mole 08-06-2010 5:43 AM

We have an integrated bow, v-drive sack in the ski locker, and 750s in the rear of our 01 SAN.

We usually only run the rears about 3/4 of the way full and the wake can be scary with quite a few people in the boat. When we have 5+ people we normally throw a few up front.

Couple pics, not me:



hunter660 08-06-2010 6:54 AM

The gravity games bags that Fly High sells hold 550.

Jeff 08-06-2010 7:15 AM


Originally Posted by hunter660 (Post 1618571)
The gravity games bags that Fly High sells hold 550.

I've seen those but I thought they had special fittings on them for the Moomba Gravity Games boat. Is that not the case? Could they easily be used for other applications?

Whoa! They're expensive too. $60 more than the 750 lbs.

wake77 08-06-2010 7:54 AM

Jeff, why not do the 750's, but don't fill them all of the way? If you hang on to the boat for awhile, it will save you from having to upgrade in the future.

stephan 08-06-2010 12:04 PM

My buddy (Seth chime in here) has a custom bag that fills the entire center space, the thing is huge and definitely helps. A few Pop Bags up front and she rides just fine with the 750s.

superair502 08-07-2010 7:15 AM

Get the gravity games center sack and run it in the locker. It is actually a perfect fit and is over 1000 lbs when full. I run this, an integrated bow sack and two 750s and the wake is insane at 3200 lbs. Also with the large center sack it puts alot more weight up front and smooths out the wakes transition a little bit.

superair502 08-07-2010 7:19 AM

Also the gg sack runs all the way to the front of the locker so the weight is more front biased than if u were running a small locker sack like the vdrive sack which would settle towards the back of the locker

wakedog 08-07-2010 10:19 AM

I really don't want to have sacs on the floor or front seats so that's why I was looking at the integrated bow sac. I don't have a ski locker because I have the center tank but I don't know or think replacing the center tank with a sac will gain a whole lot of weight more forward.

hunter660 08-07-2010 6:26 PM

If you want a pair of 750s I'll make you a great deal on some. They were in my boat (MariStar 210) a total of 6 hours. They are just too much weight in the rear for this boat. They are however AWESOME in the SAN.

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