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hawkeye7708 02-14-2015 1:58 PM

$10 on the line… Do I buy "Quiet, please" ?!
Hey WakeWorld Crew…

It's been a little bit, hope everybody's been doing well!

I noticed that "Quiet, please" was up on iTunes… I had heard a little about it before it had come out, but nothing really since. In my effort to make it through the Wisconsin winter with my sanity intact, I'm considering buying it… anybody seen it? Is it worth the $10 or should I go buy a 6 pack of Moon Man and watch cable instead?


501s 02-14-2015 5:36 PM

It's DEFINITELY worth $10. Ollies section is awesome.

dyost 02-14-2015 6:28 PM

Second, this film is really good definitely worth $10. Oli's section is the bomb, Randall's is really good too....

Bam6961 02-15-2015 9:00 AM

its a short film but, the first four sections are dopeeee!

Jmaxymek 02-15-2015 11:36 AM

Randall's section is worth $10 alone.

hawkeye7708 02-15-2015 5:08 PM

Well, took a gander at the film! It was fun!

Some good, stylish riding! Always like seeing Randall and Rathy shred. Oli's section was definitely a solid one, too!

GoneBoatN 02-15-2015 7:32 PM

Loved all of it. Butt load of inspiring wakeboarding video, no "human interest" stuff. I considered my $10 well spent when I purchased Quiet Please. Here's an idea but it plus the 6 pack.

willyt 02-17-2015 9:43 AM

find an extra 5 bucks and buy voyage instead. then buy quiet, please

VinnyA 02-20-2015 8:34 PM

Yes. I frequent Randall's and Rathy's sections still.
Also, the fact that this movie was put together by Rathy is cool.
Very nice to see what a pro rider thinks a wake movie "should" be.

kind of like JJF and Done

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