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guido 06-20-2011 10:56 AM

Loving the Vibe....
The board that is.....

This year I've been struggling a bit with my ride. I've always loved the Faction board, but I've never ridden one with the stock fins. I always put the small Marius fins on it. CWB changed up the bolt spacing this year and went to a 2 bolt fin for some more strength. Awesome, except that I couldn't transfer my small fins to the new board (You can still get the small Marius fins I just haven't gotten around to getting the new ones). So I've been going back and forth between this years 144 with stock fins and last years 138 with the small fins. I actually kinda like the smaller board better, though I feel like a 140 would be the perfect fit for me. So I was torn about what to do.

We happened to have a Vibe sitting in our storage unit and I decided to give it a try. Man... What a fun board. Lightning fast, loose and really poppy. I guess it's considered a flex board, though it's not a noodle like the Roam's that I'd ridden in the past. It has a really nice snap to it.

Anyway... Just tossing this out there. If you thought this board was a park only board, give it a try. Don't overlook it in the lineup. I'm pretty sure I found my new ride for the year. Pumped.

westsidarider 06-20-2011 4:03 PM

Slowly but surely more are coming to see this and I love it!. I converted 2 traditional board riders to the vibe this year already. Stoked ur lovin it Evan!!!!!! Wait till you ride this years, Even sicker ride for sure!

wakeboardern1 06-20-2011 4:07 PM

i took a few sets on a friend's vibe this year. I felt like I had the potential to really like it, but at the same time, I wasn't a fan of how it edges at all. I felt like I had to do so much more work than on my watson classic, and that just negatoried it for me, unfortunately. I also had one wake jump where I hit the wake odd and the nose of the board literally flexed up and changed the rocker line as I rode up the wake. That was an odd one.

wakerider111 06-20-2011 10:17 PM

its especially nice when the nose flexes up on a bad nose heavy landing... a landing that normally would have taken you out but because of the flex of boards like these you keep on going

coda281 06-20-2011 10:39 PM

so is the vibe yall's favorite flex board to ride boat with? im looking for a flex board for boat :P tired of my ps3

delphidelatorre 06-21-2011 4:18 AM

yeah i have a vibe 142, the 2nd generation vibe is so much better than the first for both boat and cable!!! loving it!!!

wakerider111 06-21-2011 9:59 AM

soo many options for "flexboards" now. pretty much every brand has at least one in their line now. try as many as you can if able

guido 06-21-2011 10:32 AM

Took another 2 sets on it last night. I love this board. It's soo fast. You really have to tone everything down because everything ends up being huge. Super fun.

As for the edging.... Yeah, it's different. I ride this board much more front foot heavy. On my Faction it was all back foot. I feel like this board generates a lot more speed with the same edge. It's also a bit "pickier" about going up the wake. If you try to rush it you wont get the full boot from it. Relax, get all the wake and it's on. Landings are kinda the same way. If you lay it down tail heavy it's nice and smooth. Flat landings on the center of the board can be a bit harsh, but I can deal.

I think I'm staying on this one for a while. May have to see if I can get my hands on a '11 to see how it feels.

innov8 06-23-2011 8:15 AM

Evan the 2011 is soo much better.
You got to get your hands on a 2011!!

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